The NHS addressed concerns regarding Horseflies season
With the current temperature rising in UK, it is inevitable for horseflies to thrive as they love the warm season. Therefore, NHS advises its citizens the appropriate methods on how to deal with horsefly bites. Photo By: Radu Privantu | Flickr
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The United Kingdom is currently facing a heat wave this summer (June to July 2018) where temperature goes up to 30 degrees Celsius. With the current temperature, insect experts state that the current situation is the perfect time for insects to flourish, especially, Horseflies.

Horseflies are blood-sucking insects that take prey on horses, hence, its name, but it will not hesitate to feed on any large warm-blooded mammals, including humans. Horseflies track their prey through visual perception; they are attracted to movement and those who emit carbon dioxides such as animals and people.

They are easily distinguished from regular houseflies as they are big dark-colored flies with razor-sharp jaws and huge eyes which are often a hue of green. Moreover, they usually dwell specifically on places where stagnant water and livestock are.

Bites come from the female horseflies because they need blood for reproduction. Female horseflies use their sharp jaws to cut open the skin. While doing so, they inject a substance which negates the clotting of blood for them to eat freely.

Horsefly bites are relatively common within the state and usually, do not require medical attention. However, if not treated properly, they may result in redness, oozing, extreme pain and bacterial infection.

Therefore, the National Health Security (NHS) advises the affected parties to take precautionary measures by cleaning the wound and applying a cold ice-pack to avoid infection.

Furthermore, doctors suggest the use of cream which contains hydrocortisone and avoid scratching the affected area as it will not help in any way and may further increase the chances of infection. Nevertheless, if an infection does happen, NHS instructs its citizens to seek medical attention.

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