Plant enthusiasts consider the use of LED lights as a changing experience because it lessens growing expenses and helps plants grow faster
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Plant growers have discovered that using LED lights in the horticulture process gives massive benefits to them and the growing process. Therefore, greenhouse owners look at integrating the technology in their facilities.

Greenery needs the sun for them to get the nutrients circulating in their system. However, experts estimate that greenhouse structures block 30 to 50 percent of solar radiation, therefore, preventing plants from absorbing sunlight. In areas with inadequate sunlight, growing and maintaining plants could be a problem. Thus, it prompted growers to rely on artificial lighting to aid in plant cultivation.

In 2008, researchers studied the link between LED lights and plant productivity. It revealed that compared to traditional horticultural lighting, LED lights are more advantageous regarding its compact size, long lifespan, cold temperature, and the freedom to choose an illumination which is more suited for plant-based purposes.

Using LED lights also cuts expenses. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recalled that plant growers spend large amounts of money for supplemental lighting and sole-source lights. Jim Bloom, an entrepreneur and the owner of Sustainable Local Foods, commented that energy efficiency helps save other growing expenses such as water costs because LED lights eliminate the need for radiant heat.

Before buying a LED light for growing, agricultural experts advise people to take note of the type of crops they wish to cultivate. There are different brand lights on the market which could only be for specific types of grows.

They add that enthusiasts should also consider the space. For each square foot of the planting area, one should count 32 watts based on the actual wattage of the light.

The type of light is also essential. Different plants require a particular kind of light, such as full cycle LED lights for growing flowers. Other LEDs could also have their intensities changed depending on the plant’s growing conditions.

Because of its usefulness, market researchers predict that the sales of LED lights could increase to 400 million in 2022. The lighting industry will keep growing until 2027 considering the growth of the horticulture factory market and expansion of smart farms.

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