Frequently wearing high heels could pose a threat to vital parts of the body like the spine, the knee, and the hips.
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High heels are one of the staples of a woman’s wardrobe, using it for work and special occasions. However, health experts warn that frequently wearing high heels could pose a threat to the body and could affect the knee, spine, and the hips.

Psychology experts link wearing heels to beauty and personality. In 2014, Nicolas Gueguen experimented with the science of high heels. He asked women to wear shoes with various heel length.

The study revealed that heel length affected people’s helping behavior. Individuals showed an increased level of eagerness to help towards participants who wore higher heels than those who had smaller heel measurement.

Despite the aura these kinds of shoes give to ladies, frequently wearing them could affect some parts of the body. Medical Daily shared that high heels could aggravate knee and hip pain. The experts based the findings from the research by the American Osteopathic Association, stating that one out of ten women uses high heels three days a week. From that number, a third of them experience falls while walking around.

In another study, a team from the Stanford University Medical Center examined that heel length is associated with added knee weight. High-heeled shoes caused the knees to bend every time a person took a step.

Prolonged and frequent usage could also harm the spine. The Spine Health Institute said that with high heels, the chest and the spine are pushed forward. This posture causes the hips and the back to lose its normal alignment because of the pressure put on these parts.

The firm also gave tips to maintain the body’s structure in case one would not want to abandon high heels yet. They recommend stretching the leg muscles before putting the shoes on. They also suggest buying a variety of shoe types and not to wear heels for extended periods.

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